Why Not Buy Wedding Gown from Suzhou

If you come to Suzhou to wholesale wedding dresses, you must collect many factories in advance, then try to pick out the right one to cooperate. So many buyers choose Suzhou as their wholesale base than Guanghzou. Why? Read on the below things you would find the reason.

one shoulder splited wedding dress

More wedding dress factories, no MOQ. According to an uncompleted statistic, there is more than thousands of wedding dresses factories in Suzhou Tiger Hill, but most of them are small factories, the facilities are not perfect, and the working environment is bad.

Supply customization services, can be produced by the drawing. Many imitation shoes come from Putian, and many replicas of wedding dresses come from Suzhou. Many budget brides will buy some satisfied imitation of wedding dresses from online, compare to genuine, imitation prices are much lower, but the material is worse than brand wedding dress.

Most factories don’t have own designers, quality cannot be guaranteed. Few Suzhou factories have their own team of designers, and limited production capacity, however some factories don’t want to be labeled a small workshops, OEM factory and other labels.

There are so many things you should take in mind when starting your business, from the payment term to the shipping. Thus you’d better learn some import and export knowledge in advance.

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