Three Types of Wedding Dress Suppliers in Suzhou

There is a famouse wedding dress wholesale base in China, called Suzhou, there are nearly one thousand wedding dress factories producing wedding & evening dress, and most of them export their goods to American and Europe, Middle East. If you are the buyer who are looking for the right factory, the below things you should take in mind.

one shoulder splited wedding dress

Family workshop type: feature is smaller size (usually 3-5 workers), simple equipment andproduction process. In fact, it looks more like a tailor’s shop. It’s advantages are process as customers’ specific needs and cheap price, but disadvantages are also obvious, such as lack of production ability, disability to control the quality. Usually this family workshop will cooperate with local trade companies or factories and mainly produce some simple wedding dress.

Small and medium size: from to 20 to 200 workers. They are mainly concentrated near the Suzhou Tiger Hill wedding dress street, a large number of them. Why they are concentrated near the Tiger Hill, on one hand it is because there are enough raw material suppliers nearby, on the other hand because there is a large number of wedding dress stores nearby and convenient shipment directly.

Above medium sized factories: 200-500 workers, have their own a team of designers. This type is often scattered, some will have their own wedding dress stores to sell to local market directly, and customers are mainly bridal shops, photo studio and rental shops etc.

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