Don’t Do These When Buying Wedding Dress

There are so many things you should consider when buying wedding dress for your big day, here we collect some helpful tips for choosing wedding dress, take a look at these, hope you can find your dream dress.

knee length A line wedding dress
Don’t bring an entourage- Too many opinions can easily drive you crazy and make the entire process of finding a gown far more difficult than it needs to be. It can be hard to determine whose opinion to listen to and you may find yourself trying on far more gowns than necessary trying to please everyone. Instead of bringing along a full entourage, take only one or two of your closest friends and/or family members. Choose the people you feel know you best and whose opinions matter most to you.

Don’t wear old underwear or no underwear. You want to feel beautiful in your wedding gown and that starts with wearing the proper undergarments. Remember, a consultant will more than likely be assisting you in and out of gowns, so for both your sakes, wear something decent. Additionally, wearing well-fitting underwear will improve the fit of the dresses you try on. You don’t want to try to work around bunching or inch-wide bra straps while trying to figure out if a dress is flattering on you or not. A strapless bra and a plain pair of white cotton underwear are an excellent choice.

Don’t be closed-minded- If you’ve never tried on a wedding gown then you probably don’t know what’s going to look best on you. Wedding gowns fit much differently than sundresses or cocktail dresses, so in reality you likely have no idea which type of silhouette will best flatter your specific body shape. The most important advice I give my clients is to keep an open mind as they browse and try on dresses. Once you’ve found a silhouette that flatters you, you can narrow down your choices and try on gowns specifically in that silhouette to ensure a dress you feel beautiful and confident in your dress.

Don’t ignore the bridal consultant’s suggestions- Your bridal consultant has most likely worked with countless brides-to-be and very likely knows what she is talking about. Try to at least be open to her suggestions and comments about different dresses. Remember, she is familiar with all types of body shapes and sizes, as well as every silhouette and style of gown. She knows which gowns are flattering for someone with a larger bust, which gowns fit a bit funny in the hips or even which gown looks terrible on the hanger but fabulous on someone with YOUR figure.

Don’t rush- Sometimes brides will fly through the door at VOWS in a whirlwind announcing they only have 20 minutes until their next appointment. This is NOT a state of mind conducive to finding your dream gown. It will severely limit the time you have to browse and try on gowns and assess how each gown fits. If possible, take a day and dedicate it solely to bridal gown shopping. Schedule 2-3 appointments and perhaps a break for a light lunch. Make the dress shopping process fun.

Latest Collection: Fit and Flare Wedding Dresses

When start your wedding dress shopping, the bride should keep in mind how she wants hers dream gown looks like, otherwise the different shapes and sizes will make you confused with what it’s best for you. Choosing a silhouette that will highlight your assets and hide your less-favorable traits is the basic. Today we are going to talk about a very popular silhouette: fit and flare wedding dress.  Look at these fashion dresses, hope you like them.

Sweetheart A line Wedding Dress
Sweetheart A line Wedding Dress
Off the Shoulder Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Off the Shoulder Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Sweetheart Mermaid Wedding Dress
Sweetheart Mermaid Wedding Dress
Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress
Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress
Off the Shoulder Mermaid Wedding Dress
Off the Shoulder Mermaid Wedding Dress


Things About A line Wedding Gown

There are so many wedding dress sillhouettes you would find when searching for your dream dress, from A line style to mermaid style, all of these classic dress are really attractive. But be honest, there are no one dress can fit everyone’s need. Here we would talk about A line wedding dress, read on and hope these would help you.

mermaid wedding dress with flowers
A-line wedding gowns are perhaps one of the most common types of wedding dresses, and for good reason. Their simple silhouette is fitted at the top and extends out into a fuller shape, similar to the letter “A.” A-line dresses can come strapless, with sleeves, or with straps, and their necklines can range from sweetheart to plunging.

Who should choose this style? A-line dresses can be worn by all shapes and sizes. They give the presence of fuller bottoms to those who may be heavier on top, and vice versa. Both short and tall women will find A-lines suit them.

Who don’t need to consider this style? While just about everyone looks good in an A-line style, it’s not great for those brides who really want something extra seductive on their big day.

Why Not Buy Short Wedding Dresses

If you don’t like the traditional long style dress for your big day, try on the short wedding dresses online. Short wedding dress is being more and more popular now, here we would talk about this style, hope these would help you.

jewel knee length wedding dress

Tea-Length Dress: A popular trend in recent years, tea-length dresses are gowns with skirts with shorter hemlines, typically falling between the ankle and the knee. Tea-length gowns look great on all body types and are ideal for those who want to show off their shoes and pedicures.
Mini Style: A mini-style wedding dress is not necessarily one with a miniskirt, but rather the skirt’s hemline falls above the knee. Ideal for anyone who favors this style of dress over the traditional floor-length gown.
There are not many short style wedding dress in physical stores, if you want to find more fashion styles, online stores would be a good place for you. Some things you should know when buying online, such as return policy, delivery time and shipping policy etc., just be patient and careful.

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Choose Right Prom Style for Your Body

It would be thrilling and stressful when choosing the prom dress with your friends, in general, you should start the shopping in advance, make sure you can find the right one which not be the same with others. Here Sposadress collects some helpful suggestions, read on and hope these would help you.

purple beading bodice prom dress
If you have a slim figure, you may look best in a sheath-style dress that shows off your silhouette.

If you are curvy, you may want to consider an A-line dress that will highlight your waist and minimize your hips and thighs.

If you’re short and petite, dress shopping may be more challenging; cocktail dresses become full gowns and party dresses become cocktail dresses. However, with plenty of time ahead, you can get these tailored to your size.

If you’re looking for a longer dress, look for a short dress that is long on you. It will fit better and will fit you everywhere else without being too long.

Shopping online would be a good idea if you are in a tight budget, it is really economic and convenient. Of course, you’d better be more patient and careful when shopping online, read on their return and shipping policies.

How to Measure Your Body When Buying Wedding Gown

Knowing your body type is the first step when buying wedding gown, there are several different ways to do this. However, we will opt for the simplest and most straightforward method. For this, we suggest you measure three parts of your body – your bust, waist and hips.

Square mermaid wedding dress
Bust measurement: Make sure to wear a properly fitting bra when you take this measurement. Run the tape measure along the circumference of your bust and measure it at the largest point. The tape shouldn’t be too tight, but should just fit around you snugly.

Waist measurement: Stand straight and measure the smallest section of your waist, keeping your stomach relaxed and not sucked in. Again the tape should be held snug, and not tight.

Hip measurement: To measure your hips stand straight and run the tape along the circumference of the widest part of your hips and bottom.

When you provide the right measurement to the supplier, you’ll get the fitted wedding gown. If you are looking for wedding dress online, remember to visit their return policy and size chart before making a deal.

Collection of Fashion A line Wedding Dresses

Shopping for a wedding dress can be equal parts amazing and totally stressful experience. Trying on several dresses a day for a few solid weekends is enough to wear a bride out, especially if she can’t find the perfect fit. Aline wedding dress is really elegant and attractive, if you are looking for wedding dress for your big day, take the below dresses in mind.

straight accross beading A line wedding dress
straight accross beading A line wedding dress
draped A line wedding dress
draped A line wedding dress
draped A line wedding dress
draped A line wedding dress
square A line wedding dress
square A line wedding dress
square A line wedding dress
square A line wedding dress

Instruction of Sheath and Dropped Waist Wedding Dresses

You go into the bridal salon and immediately you are surrounded by wedding dresses. Pretty soon, you start to get white lace tunnel vision. Finding the best silhouette for your body type, as well as your own personal style, here you would learn two normal fashion style, have a look at them and hope these would help you.

Queen Anne lace mermaid wedding dress

Sheath Wedding Dress: Simple and sophisticated, this style looks best on petite or slender brides who benefit from its elongated lines and formfitting cut, which gently hugs the body from head to toe. Its slim silhouette lengthens the body, giving the illusion of height, which won’t overwhelm a smaller frame the way a full ball gown could.

Dropped Waist: This silhouette flares out slightly below the waistline around your hip area. A dropped-waist wedding dress is perfect for brides who want to flaunt their trim middles and shape, since it hugs your waist and hips. Think twice about this silhouette if you have a boxy figure—it might make you look like you have fewer curves. For petite brides who opt for this style, avoid dropped-waist gowns with a more voluminous skirt, which could swallow up a smaller frame.

In addition of these styels, you can also find other such as ball gown, A line, and mermaid. If you are looking for wedding dress for your wedding day, I recommend to you, one of the best online wedding shops, mainly selling wedding dresses online.

Perfect A line Wedding Dress for Your Wedding

Whether you’re straight and narrow, full figured, or somewhere in between, this essential silhouette guide will ensure you find the perfect wedding dress to complement your shape. If the skirt resembles the shape of the letter A, you’ve got an A-line. This classic ’50s cut flatteringly cinches the smallest part of your natural waist, camouflages hips, and balances wide shoulders. It’s a great way to wear a full skirt without the drama of a ball gown. Here we collect some fashion styles, read on and hope you like them, more you can visit

sweetheart crushing A line wedding dress
sweetheart crushing A line wedding dress
Sheer A line wedding dress
Sheer A line wedding dress
Appliqued A line wedding dress
Appliqued A line wedding dress
v-neck A line wedding dress
v-neck A line wedding dress

Summer Cocktail Dresses

Every young girl at some point of time, dresses up in her mother’s high heels,

wears her mother’s makeup, and trots around the house,

ready in her own eyes to accept any party invite that comes her way.

There starts every woman’s intrinsic love for clothes and more importantly, fashion.

And whether our intellectual part accepts our ‘fashion consciousness’ or not,

it does not take away from the fact that it is that need to look good that drives us

to look out for new trends every season. What we wear in the winter, spring,

and summer is determined by the nip in the air and the heat wave,

but more so by what is in and what is out.

So as the temperature rises and we gulp down glasses of lemonade,

what is the prediction for summer cocktail dresses?

Here are our top picks as we mark out the best cocktail dresses for summer.

Tips for Cocktail Dresses for Summer

If you are looking out for a summer cocktail dress,

then the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to let the dress be simple and well cut.

The embellishments on the dress and the accessories you wear

need to be determined depending on the time of the day that the party is being held.

Given below are some tips that will help you pick out cocktail dresses for the summer.

If it is a morning affair, and you are attending a summer wedding,

then try and choose cocktail attire for women that will let you be comfortable and let your skin breathe.

Avoid complicated straps, sequins, shiny adornments, fabrics like satin, etc.

Stick to dresses that are made of a fabric that is summer friendly and more importantly, wrinkle free.
For evening cocktails, bring out fabrics such as satin, silk, rayon and fine-gauge knits that work very well.

A little bit of bling works for evening wear but if this is the case with your dress,

then ensure that you do not over-accessorize.

Let the prints of the dress be reminiscent of the season that it is being worn in.
Summer is the season of colors. Ditch the blacks and whites and make new additions to your color palette.

Wear a bright summer color like yellow or pink.

If colors make you slightly nervous, you can try and experiment with different prints on the dress.
Focus on your accessories. While matching accessories in shades of the same color as your dress work well,

try and experiment with the adornments that you wear and make a statement,

for example, if you are wearing a green dress,

instead of wearing heels in the same color or plain old black,

spice it up with wedges in a canary yellow. But make sure that you are comfortable in whatever you wear.

While choosing cocktail party attire is not a Herculean task,

choosing a style that flatters you may test your patience.

The next section of this article lists out the different styles of cocktail dresses that are in vogue this season.

Cocktail Dresses for the Summer

One-Shoulder Dresses
A one-shoulder dress is the perfect way to flaunt well toned arms and to die for collar bones. Try a summer cocktail dress that has a gathered skirt which flatters and is perfect for someone who does not have a toned belly. If you have a well toned figure, then you could take a leaf out of the books of Hollywood fashionistas and opt for a Goddess dress with a flowing, pleated skirt.

Stretch Side Wrap Dress
The wrap dress has the distinction of being one of the timeless fashion statements in any woman’s wardrobe. Introduced in the 1970s, it was embraced by most celebrities and heralded as the successor to the little black dress. If you are looking for something that will give you the coveted hourglass figure, then a wrap dress in stretch material and in colors like pearl and pastel shades may be the perfect solution.

Cocktail Suit
If you are one of those women who needs to rush to a cocktail party right from work, then this dress is the answer to your problems. A cocktail suit is more dressy than your average business attire and is available in both summer and winter colors. Team it up with a dressy, ruffle top and remove the jacket to make the suit look a little less formal.

Strapped Dress
It is after all summer, and the heat is just a nod to a dress with just-there sleeves.

If you can carry off strapped dresses, then this may be one of the perfect cocktail dresses for you.

Let the upper body of the dress hug your curves and let the skirt of the dress

either be cut in an A-line or a full bodied, flowing skirt.

We suggest that you go easy on the embellishments but if you want to add glitter and glimmer to the dress,

then the accessories need to be subtle.

Sheath Dress
This is one of those cocktail dresses which is strictly for those who have a perfect 10 figure,

thanks to its design which demands a tight fit to the body.

But this is a dress which is perfect for summers because of the light fabrics that it is generally made of.

You can opt for a strapped or a strapless sheath dress.

These were just a few options for summer cocktail dresses.

If you are worried about the money that you may need to shell out on these dresses,

do not get perturbed. There are several cheap cocktail dresses available

at shops that have vintage clothes or fashion knockoffs. All you need to do is decide

on the style that suits you and flaunt it at the next cocktail party you attend.