How to Accessorize Lace Wedding Dress

There are more choice than the past when we shop the wedding gown, from ball gown to A line style. If you get a lace wedding dress for your special day, now you can take the below suggestions in mind which would tell you how to accessorise your dress with bridal headpieces.

vintage tulle headband veil

Pairing a lace dress with a crystal or pearl headpiece. One of my favourite things about lace is it contrasts brilliantly against other textures and details. If you love lace, there’s a very good chance you’re also a little smitten with pearls and/or crystal details. So, don’t be afraid to bring in some pearly goodness or some bling to glam up your look.

Opt for a raw edge veil. While oh-so-simple, a raw edge veil enhances the silhouette of your dress and let’s you and your dress take centre stage. Depending on the cut of your veil, it can either elongate your silhouette or draw attention to the pretty accents and lines on your dress. For example, a subtle cascade to the sides of the veil can accent your waist. A hip length veil pairs beautifully with a form-fitting sheath dress.

Match lace with lace. Matching lace with lace doesn’t have to be an exact science but it’s important that the colours are complementary as well as the general feel of the tones and textures. If your dress features a heavy lace, something a little lighter yet similar in texture and details can look incredible. Similarly, if your dress features a lace floral pattern, pair it with a simple scalloped lace trim to pull your look together. And vice versa.