Take These Tips to Save Money for Your Bridesmaid

As the bridesmaid, there are so many things you should take care, and also it would get expensive.If you are lucky to be chosen as your friend’s bridesmaid, you should have a look at the below suggestions which would help you save a big money.

one shoulder bridesmaid dress
one shoulder bridesmaid dress

So many rental shops you can find, just rent one as your bridesmaid dresses. Chances are the bridesmaid dress you have to purchase for a wedding, someone else in this world has sitting idly in the back of their closest. Instead of shelling out $250 on a brand new dress you’ll never wear again, search the web for used bridesmaid dress sites where you can rent one for less.

Try to make the DIY gifts. Pinterest. Go ahead and give it a giant bear hug. It’s a budget-hungry girl’s best friend when it comes to gift giving. Find some fun DIY gifts you can make and give those to the bride-to-be for her bachelorette party, engagement party, and even her bridal shower.

Discuss with bridesmaids about their budget. When you’re working on planning the bridal shower and the bachelorette party with a handful of other women, it can easily get expensive. Be the one to start the “let’s make a budget for each event” convo early on. It’s best to ask all the women how much they are comfortable with spending per event and then plan around that.

If you do have to travel or stay overnight at a hotel, see if you can snag a ride with another wedding guest and share a room with another bridesmaid. Splitting the cost of travel and accommodations for both the wedding and the bachelorette party can save you hundreds of dollars.

One of the last major costs of being a bridesmaid is paying for professional hair and make-up on the day of the wedding. If you’re decent at doing your own hair and make-up, bring along a curling iron and your make-up case and do it yourself on the day of. Or spend a few hours watching YouTube videos and soon you’ll be a professional yourself.