Remember These Don’ts When Buying Mermaid Wedding Gown

Mermaid wedding dresses are always attractive, if you are looking for mermaid dress for your special day, these tricks you should consider. There are so many things you should take in mind when buying your mermaid dress, here are five don’ts you should know.

sweetheart sequined mermaid wedding dress

Don’t go for a mermaid dress that flares at the knee, if you’ve got a problem derrière, . Look for the style that flares just below the hips. This is a less popular and classic mermaid style, but will better flatter your figure if you’re not wanting to show off you backside.

Don’t destroy the classic mermaid style by asking that spaghetti straps be added to the dress. You can go strapless or opt for sleeves or sleeveless, but spaghetti straps will not match this style at all.

Don’t limit your thinking to only wearing a white mermaid dress on your wedding day. There are breathtaking mermaid gowns available in beige, in white with gold or silver appliqués, and in off white shades such as eggshell and ecru.

Don’t over accessorize this dress. The mermaid dress is a statement on its own and if you overwhelm it with accessories such as belts, tiaras, gloves, etc., you’re only going to detract from the dress. Keep it minimal and add only what flatters.

Don’t purchase this dress with visions of your daughter and their daughter wearing it on their wedding day. While a wedding dress handed down from mother to daughter is a beautiful and timeless tradition, a lot of women simply can’t pull off this style and while it has been a popular style for a while, trends do change.