Elegant A-line Strapless Wedding Dress

In china, your clothes color is best not the same as China wedding dress, so as not to dominate. But this year the popular white is inevitable, therefore, it is best to have other color swap white. Don’t wear white to debut. Brisk Tulle China Wedding DressClassic bridesmaid dress color is slightly lighter than the bride, should be uniform with wedding style. For festive, add some red elements in clothing: a red dress, red belt, or in the clothing on a small area of red. You can also wear some partial red warm color, such as pale pink, yellow and so on.

To attend a formal wedding, use monochrome clothing, notice that does not appear too much color in clothes, otherwise gives a frivolous undignified feeling. Of course, modesty is also limited, it is best not to wear black to attend the wedding, especially not wearing black fishnet stockings.